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The society holds seminars and meetings every day. The seminars and meetings were attended by the associates of professionals and public television industry that are coming from different places. During the seminars and meetings, the people who attended it have the chance to explore and exchange ideas, and debate about certain some topics. The society also publishes a magazine television every month, including the comprehensive range of topics in television. The Royal Television Society Awards are recognized internationally as a hallmark for originality and quality.

For almost over 9 decades, the Royal Television Society provided United Kingdom a main platform that can be used for debate about the future development of television. Its events, publications and lectures make a very important contribution to the developing practice and raising standards of television. The Royal Television Society usually organizes dinners together with some very influential speakers, monthly sessions about current issues and lectures. The Royal Television Society’s utmost profile event is called as the biennial Cambridge Convention. Its other noticeable events also include the yearly Shoenberg, Huw Wheldon and Fleming Memorial Lectures, those are brought by television figures that are high-profile.

The leading on monthly broadcasting policy and television issues in United Kingdom, are distributed to the members of the society free. There are also separate Royal Television Awards events that covers the television journalism, programme making, crafting and designing, students, innovation and education. Large percentage of the conventions and dinners of the Royal Television Society are oversubscribed. Individual and patron membership allows the members of the society to the advanced booking and to the priority applications.

Each of the 13 numbers of regional centres of the RTS in United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland centre that can be found in Dublin provides a combination of technical, craft and program events for their members. Royal Television Society is also an educational charity program that embraces all the features of the television. The educational charity program includes the broadcasting, professional consultancy, creative community, development and research, equipment manufacture, design, satellite, journalism, cable, interactivity and video. The Royal Television Society only relies its society’s future based on all the contributions or donations of their corporate Patrons, individual members and to the hard works of all their volunteers.